Midjourney Prompt Manager project info & updates

Midjourney Prompt Manager helps pro users of the image AI generator with tools for developing very structured prompts for Version 6. In the future, the app will serve as a secure repository to save Midjourney prompts and store images in folders with robust categorization and tagging in order to keep work organized and support fast iteration for campaigns. Check out the alpha version!

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Style and Character Reference Image Inputs Now Available!

Midjourney has recently launched powerful tools to help users maintain more control over their image production, including Style Reference image controls and the new Character Reference image controls.

As you can see in this image, I have added inputs for Style Reference and Character Reference URLs and image weight drop-down menus. In addition, for the Image Reference (not shown) and Style Reference controls, users have the ability to add two images for Midjourney to reference.

In a future version, I'll be adding the capability to upload images into the system to both provide you with an immediate usable URL and keep those images in a library for future prompt iteration.

What Are Style References Again?

Style references allow you to reference the style of another image or to maintain a consistent style across many images. It's similar to image prompts but focuses solely on the style.

How Do I Use It Again?

To use a style reference, type --sref URL after your prompt with a URL to an image. To increase the influence of the style, apply a style weight (--sw) that is closer to 1000. To diminish the power of the style, set the weight closer to --sw 0 (default is 100). You may add multiple style references as well.

What's the New Character Reference?

This feature is similar to the "Style Reference" feature, except it aims to make the character match a "Character Reference" image.

How It Works

Type --cref URL after your prompt with a URL to an image of a character. You can use --cw to modify the reference 'strength' from 100 to 0. Strength 100 (--cw 100) is the default and uses the face, hair, and clothes. At strength 0 (--cw 0), it'll just focus on the face (good for changing outfits/hair, etc.).

What It's Meant For

This feature works best when using characters made from Midjourney images. It's not designed for real people/photos (and will likely distort them as regular image prompts do). Cref works similarly to regular image prompts except it 'focuses' on character traits. The precision of this technique is limited; it won't copy exact dimples, freckles, or T-shirt logos. Cref works for both Niji and normal MJ models and can also be combined with --sref.

Check out these new input sections at midjourneypromptmanager.com.

Announcing Midjourney Prompt Manager alpha-v0.1.

I'm pleased to announce the launch of Midjourney Prompt Manager. I invite you to try it out at midjourneypromptmanager.com. The app is very straightforward at this point. You enter your base prompt at the top and select your parameters and keywords from the selection boxes below and the final prompt will appear in the orange "Key Prompt" box with the COPY button. The final prompt is structured in such a way that you past it directly into Discord, hit enter, and it automatically creates the "/imaging" command for you. There will be continuous changes so sign up for regular (but not too spammy) updates via my newsletter or watch the news section of the website.

How you can help define the direction of the application

Thank you to all of you who signed up for a sneak peek at the application. You got to see it first and now I welcome your input. Please send your comments to feedback@keypromotninja.io. I'll do everything possible to work in the best suggestions and apply them to the roadmap section of the website. I can share that in the near future the app will enable you to save preferences and set up different projects with preferences, tags, filters, etc. for your prompts and images and professionals need to do for campaigns and clients. The goal is to make the interface as clean and intuitive as possible but also keep the ability to fine tune settings and quickly iterate.

Free to the public!

The prompt editor you see now will always remain free the public. In the future I'll be adding some advanced features to the app which will require a small fee to use. The goal is to keep the cost as low as possible and provide a feature-rich application that will surpass anything available on the market.

Let's go!

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Addressing the artist IP issue.

In an era defined by the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence (AI), the boundaries between creativity and technology have become more fluid than ever. One notable aspect of this convergence is the generation of AI-driven images, a phenomenon that holds great promise while raising concerns about originality and intellectual property (IP) rights. As both an advocate for AI-generated art and a supporter of artists' recognition, I’ve decided to build an app named Midjourney Prompt Manager, a powerful tool I’m building to streamline the Midjourney experience, protect artists' work, and provide them with the credit they deserve.

AI-generated art has opened doors to new realms of artistic expression, enabling creators to explore uncharted territories and collaborate with algorithms in unprecedented ways. However, this innovation comes with its share of challenges. The widespread use of AI has given rise to deepfakes, unauthorized reproductions, and the potential misuse of artists' original styles. It's crucial to address these concerns and ensure artists' creativity is protected in the digital landscape.

So I'm adding a fifth point to my mini Manifesto for Midjourney Prompt Manager

  1. Protecting Artists' Intellectual Property: Recognizing the importance of safeguarding artists' work, the Midjourney Prompt Manager introduces an innovative feature that embeds watermarks and/or QR codes in AI-generated images that draw from the style of a particular artist. This ensures that artists receive proper recognition for their artistic style and helps safeguard their IP.

Let's go!

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Houston, we have a problem.

Midjourney operates inside Discord using DMs which works OK and it helps grow the community, but when it comes to actually dealing with scrolling DMs and the process of creating prompts and managing your AI art though, not so much. Like many products, there are pros and cons, supporters and haters, but if you ask me the whole process is jank.

Many of the 395K subscribers of r/Midjourney and the Twitter community agree with me.

I hear the cries for a better way, a cooler interface, and a more enjoyable experience. I've felt the pain of managing prompts and images between Discord, spreadsheets, Midjourney's website, my desktop and a dozen other unorganized places. What we really need is a way to easily manage the process and assets like a pro. I searched for 'Midjourney Prompt Manager' in Google and discovered that others are too.

I didn't find one, so I'm building one.

My Mini Manifesto :: The Midjourney Prompt Manager

  • Help Midjourney users drowning in a sea of prompts — particularly those using the free servers.
  • Help Midjourney users struggling to create prompts due to complexity and need for trial and error.
  • Help Midjourney users seeking solutions to store the prompts they want to keep for future use.
  • Help Midjourney users searching for a good way to store and organize the images they produce.

Let's go!

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